Fashion Rich, Money Poor

What to wear? The age old dilemma

The idea to start my own blog was born from the age old dilemma of “what do I wear?”

Being an indecisive person by nature who suffers from the unfortunate first-world problem of “having lots of clothes and nothing to wear” on an almost daily basis meant that with a social function coming up I started prepping in advance.

My obsessive compulsive need to “see” an outfit and then put it out to public consultation (i.e. make sure my best friend and boyfriend approve) before I can decide if it is, in fact, an acceptable choice saw me putting together five simple ideas based on pieces I own and pieces I would like to own.

This snowballed into thirteen outfit choices…something which brings me no closer to making an actual decision but leaves me with a wishlist totalling over $1700! Now please, let me clarify something, I am an administrative officer working a normal 9-5 who by no means earns massive dollars…I am the epitome of champagne taste on a beer budget! So this ‘wishlist’ will be staying as exactly that.

However, after seeing the effort I put into my choices, my best friend, work mates and even my partner, all encouraged me to begin my own blog (I am slightly suspicious as to whether this is just to get them off the hook when it comes to giving me opinions and help on making decisions).

So here I am, in all my ‘Fashion Rich, Money Poor’ glory…pouring my heart into a blog which will feature outfit ideas and fashion trends as well as serve a most important function of helping me decide EXACTLY what to wear.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I intend to! All feedback is more than welcome.

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