Having a moment: White on White

We all know that black and white is a standard go-to for every fashionista…but at the moment the easiest way to look effortlessly chic is to buck that trend and go full on WHITE!

White-on-white is having it’s moment in the spotlight and the new way of working it is sooo much more ‘user friendly’ than it’s 1990’s counterpart.

Below is a favourite look of mine which I have whipped up as an example of how you can achieve this trend for less – break it up a bit with muted greys and silver accessories.

Outfit: Jumper by Sass and Bide, Skirt by Sportsgirl, Shoes by Sportsgirl, Watch and Bag by Sportsgirl.


Trending Now: Monochrome Mania

One of the major recurring trends for any winter season worth its salt is M O N O C H R O M E.

Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t need to steer away from a classic, if it’s been (successfully) around this long then why deviate from a winner? Year after year we see variations on monochrome to suit the season and what’s coming off as “hot on the runway”…but if you are savvy about it you can invest in pieces now that will be ‘in style’ year after year after year.

This is the lesson I have learned this year.

I’ll come clean now, I am a compulsive spender. I see it, I want it, I MUST HAVE IT! But these compulsive purchases have often left me with clothing that has been worn once, twice or a handful of times then never looked at again. Why? Because it’s not always affordable to ‘compulsive spend’ on trends that will not last longer than one season….actually…it’s never affordable to plump out your wardrobe in this manner.

Which is why I have started ‘shopping savvy’…or as my partner would call it: ‘being smart’.

Below are some of the pieces that I have ‘invested’ in this season. Most of them were purchased on sale and will (hopefully) never go out of style, the only exception to the “on sale” rule was the Twice Shy bomber jacket from Sass & Bide…this was a serious investment piece (i.e. something I was willing to spend big dollars on because of the wearbility of it once the current winter trends are long forgotten. Let’s face it, a good quality, well styled jacket that actually keeps you toasty warms is NEVER out of fashion).

All-in-all I think monochrome is one of those recurring trends that you can invest in to suit your wardrobe, your personality and, certainly, your budget. Just remember: think CLASSIC.


(PS: classic means: no ‘fad’ prints, no quirky hemlines or shapes and certainly no eccentric beading or accoutrements. Plain, well-cut, flattering styles will always be your friend!) 

Leopard Chic

So in my previous post I mentioned the dilemma I encountered when I started putting together outfit ideas for a ‘smart casual’ social event I have coming up…well this one is my absolute favourite! I love the combination of on-trend leopard print with a classic neutral jumper, the great new take on the ever-present black heel as well as chic chain store accessories which really finish off the look!

Being an Australian girl I love all of our talented Aussie designers and we have so many affordable and up-to-the-minute fashion chains that you really don’t have to break to bank to change up what you already own with a few statement accessories. Here I have featured a few of my absolute favourites: ‘The Dark Cloud’ jeans and ‘Good Enough To Eat’ cashmere knit by Sass and Bide, ‘Topper’ heels in black by Wittner, gold rings and necklace by Sportsgirl and clutch by Colette Hayman.

So please – if you like this leave me a comment because I am dying to know if I should wear this! :Leopard Chic

Fashion Rich, Money Poor

What to wear? The age old dilemma

The idea to start my own blog was born from the age old dilemma of “what do I wear?”

Being an indecisive person by nature who suffers from the unfortunate first-world problem of “having lots of clothes and nothing to wear” on an almost daily basis meant that with a social function coming up I started prepping in advance.

My obsessive compulsive need to “see” an outfit and then put it out to public consultation (i.e. make sure my best friend and boyfriend approve) before I can decide if it is, in fact, an acceptable choice saw me putting together five simple ideas based on pieces I own and pieces I would like to own.

This snowballed into thirteen outfit choices…something which brings me no closer to making an actual decision but leaves me with a wishlist totalling over $1700! Now please, let me clarify something, I am an administrative officer working a normal 9-5 who by no means earns massive dollars…I am the epitome of champagne taste on a beer budget! So this ‘wishlist’ will be staying as exactly that.

However, after seeing the effort I put into my choices, my best friend, work mates and even my partner, all encouraged me to begin my own blog (I am slightly suspicious as to whether this is just to get them off the hook when it comes to giving me opinions and help on making decisions).

So here I am, in all my ‘Fashion Rich, Money Poor’ glory…pouring my heart into a blog which will feature outfit ideas and fashion trends as well as serve a most important function of helping me decide EXACTLY what to wear.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I intend to! All feedback is more than welcome.